NEUMAC is the brand that was owned by NEUMAC, S.A., a company founded in 1951 with the purpose of manufacturing pneumatic machines such as drills, grinders, etc., mainly intended for work in metal industries.

In 1957, NEUMAC began to manufacture pneumatic vibrators for concrete, in contact with the French company specialized in PTC manufacturing, with which an intense technical and commercial collaboration was developed over a period of 10 years.

The manufacture of the tools was limited to some less competitive models, and to machines of smaller series such as pumps or pneumatic motors and other custom equipment. However, the presence in the market of pneumatic tools was not lost since, since 1972, the range of the Japanese brand NPK began to be marketed in Spain, in which impact keys stand out.

Parallel to this, and also based on first fans powered by compressed air, a line of axial fans was developed for tunnels and mines, pneumatic and electric, in association with the MASA company in Bilbao. Over 20 years, the MASA-NEUMAC fans were introduced into the main Spanish mines and numerous tunnel constructions, and models were specially authorized as anti-blasting by the Ministry of Industry. This line of axial fans has been progressively abandoned after 1990 due to the change in orientation of the MASA commercialization company and the decrease in activity in Spanish underground mining, which has affected the demand for these devices specially designed for these works.

NEUMAC, S.A. also sold in Spain other lines of products for construction or industry (mainly related to compressed air, and vibration and soil compaction), representing various foreign companies such as: AMMAN compactors (including rollers) for RAMMAX ditches), AMMANN-YANMAR mini excavators, industrial vibrators and for prefabricated VIMARC and BIANCHI-EUROVIBRA, and lightweight ROCKAIR pneumatic drilling hammers.

At present, the Extremaduran company MECANIZADOS SEGEDA, SL, of Zafra (Badajoz), has been manufacturing since March 2015 the products that NEUMAC, SA, of Zaragoza, had been manufacturing for more than 60 years, after acquiring the stocks of engines and pneumatic tools in the liquidation process of the latter. After a few months of adaptation of the productive capacity, organization of the control system and investments in productive machinery, SEGEDA now manufactures, under the brand name NEUMAC, one of the star products that incorporated its drilling machinery: pneumatic piston and paddle motors . Pneumatic pumps, pneumatic grinders and cast iron rammers are also manufactured, in addition to the commercialization of ROCKAIR hammers and GUILLET drills.

SEGEDA, founded in 1982 under the umbrella of the DEUTZ DITER factory, is currently engaged in the manufacture of drilling machinery for quarries, mining and civil works, the maintenance of large industries and machining in general, having a great experience in the use of the products that it has now incorporated into its product portfolio, after more than 30 years of intense collaboration with NEUMAC, SA, with the challenge of keeping the good image and quality of the NEUMAC brand on the market.


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