The pneumatic motor provides a smooth, continuous and vibration-free operation. It forms a light and compact unit, is not damaged by overloads and allows an unlimited number of drive and continuous maneuvers run-stop.

Pneumatic motors are not affected by heat, nor by damp or corrosive atmospheres and resist explosions and blows. They have instant gear and stop and allow infinite variations of torque and speed. Some of the advantages inherent to pneumatic motors are common to hydraulic motors, such as their great torque and power in relation to their weight and use in explosive atmospheres.

They have on the hydraulics, advantages like: desacumulación of heat although they employ during long time. In addition, air lines have a lower cost than hydraulic lines, without return lines.


The piston motor can be four, five or six cylinders. The work is produced by the compressed air on the pistons housed in each cylinder.

These engines develop a better starting torque and have better properties at low revs than vane motors. Piston engines are low speed work units, not surpassing, generally 4,000 r.p.m. free

They can withstand high loads at all speeds and are especially suitable for low speed applications with high starting torque.

- V four-piston engines

- Reversible

- For remote control

- High starting torque

- Special versions for hammer drilling machines in the bottom.

- Applications in mining, public works, steel, etc.

Warning: These motors are not authorized for work in explosive atmospheres.



They are constituted, by longitudinal vanes that are introduced in the slots of the rotor, which is mounted eccentrically in the cylinder.

The number of pallets is generally from three to six. The torque of the engine is given by the compressed air acting on the vanes and is proportional to the surface of the vane exposed to the pressure of the air and to the distance from the center of thrust to the axis of rotation.

Paddle motors are high speed and give proportionally more power than piston engines.

- Compact and light

- Smooth body to facilitate mooring

- Wide range of speeds

- Especially indicated in:

• Paint mixers and stirrers

• Machine tools

• Tooling

• Automations

• Etc.

Warning: These motors are not authorized for work in explosive atmospheres.




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